Food in my Tummy

Food in my Tummy is focused on providing at least two meals per day per child from Mondays to Fridays. We, at the Foundation, believe that nutrition plays an important role in any child’s educational journey. It forms the base of the journey.

Currently attending the Pre-school is 45 children, the cost of feeding the whole pre-school for a day runs at N$163.
If you would like to donate – please refer to our Donate Page or contact us directly.

Access to Learn

The Access to Learn Project is in support of the Ariamsvlei Primary School. The Ariamsvlei Primary School started with renovations of an old building in 2019 in order to establish their own school library. In order to assist with the establishment of the library we have donated bookcases as well as 4 computers with Internet access. We are asking anyone who is interested in donating used books to fill up their space and minds.

New Pre-School Project

Desert Fruit has expanded the pre-school building to accommodate more children and for the children to be closer to home in the Desert Fruit Village where all the staff of Desert Fruit is located. We are currently looking for donations or support for refurbishing the pre-school which includes the following items:

20 gym mats
Colourful rugs for each classroom
20 small plastic chairs
4 small plastic tables
A fridge for the kitchen
A smart television
Block out blinds for each classroom
Backpack cupboards

Feel at Home

One of our ongoing projects is to brigthen the boarding house of Ariamsvlei Primary School.
We plan to create a vibrant atmosphere by donating:
Teddy bears
Bright table cloths