On 5 December 2019, the third annual graduation was hosted by Desert Fruit. The day was made possible by the following Desert Fruit Foundation sponsors: Tribunex, FNB, Sentrale Diens and Highschool Duineveld.

Each learner who graduated received a new backpack (Tribunex) and a pair of brand-new school shoes (Sentrale Diens) for next year when they will start to attend Grade 1. Every single child attending the crèche also received a Christmas box from Highschool Duineveld’s Neelsie Project filled with toys, sweets, clothes, stationery and hygiene products. FNB donated towards snacks for parents and guests as well as a snack goodie box for all the children.

We thank all our sponsors for making the special and memorable.

If you would like to become involved or become a donor please contact us.